Assessment Documents Checklist

For Assessment Template    

  • Program goals indicate broad educational goals of the department or program.     
  • All student learning outcomes (SLOs) are stated in student-centered terms (i.e., what students will be able to do with what they know).     
  • Curriculum map shows SLO development follows a pedagogically motivated sequence.    
  • Assessment measures directly relate to SLOs.    
  • Every SLO has at least one direct measure.    
  • Benchmarks are in place for every assessment measure.    

For Activity Tracking Forms    

  • Assessment and data collection processes are clearly explained. 
  • Assessment tools (e.g., rubrics) are included.     
  • History of results are presented along with results from current year in tracking form.     
  • Interpretation of results present/ results disaggregated when necessary.    
  • Documentation of how results were shared with faculty and other stakeholders.    
  • Documentation of how results were used for improvement or to make changes to course content/curriculum.