Chemistry Facilities

A stone edifice rises from behind some trees.

Departmental offices, classrooms, and a full range of laboratories are located in the Berthold S. Kennedy Hall. The department maintains a wide variety of research equipment and instruments, both to permit faculty members to carry out cutting-edge research and to permit students to have hands-on access to sophisticated equipment.

Major instruments currently available are a Varian 400 MHz NMR, two Varian CP gas chromatographs, a Perkin Elmer Fourier Transform infrared spectrophotometer, a Varian GC-MS, a Millipore water purification system, two Varian UV-vis spectrophotometers, an Innov-X systems X-ray fluorescence analyzer, an iCycler thermal cycler, an HPLC and an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAnalyst 100, Perkin Elmer). 

The department also holds considerable high-performance computing facilities to support computational/theoretical research in the department, and has access to additional high-performance computing resources through the MERCURY consortium (