Economics Student Organizations

A bronze statue of a lynx.
A bronze statue of a lynx.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world′s largest academic honor societies. The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are recognition of scholastic attainment and the honoring of outstanding achievements in economics; the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities, and among colleges and universities; the publication of its official journal The American Economist; and sponsoring of panels at professional meetings as well as the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions. The minimum requirements for admission for undergraduates are:

  • Completion of 12 semester hours of economics courses; and
  • Attainment of at least a 3.50 in economics courses and an overall 3.50 in all classes.

Students do not have to be economics majors, but must have a genuine interest in economics in addition to meeting the above requirements.

Please contact Professor Marshall Gramm for more information.