History and International Studies Bridge Major

Interdisciplinary majors—at Rhodes called “bridge majors”—allow
students to combine the best of two disciplines and to create a dialogue
between these different ways of looking at the world.

The History-International Studies (IS) bridge major is a long-standing and
highly successful bridge major that allows students to think about
international affairs within both contemporary and historical perspectives.

The History-IS bridge major is based on geographic tracks that allow
students to focus on a particular part of the world or to look at global
issues in a comparative perspective. There are five tracks for the bridge
major. Click on the track below to find the advising worksheet that
indicates the courses that count toward that track.

Africa/Middle East
Latin America

Students take a series of courses in each of these geographic areas in
addition to two History courses at the 200 level (from an approved list),
History 300, Economics 100, International Studies 110, 120, and 200, and an
appropriate foreign language through the second year (202 level).  Students
also take the International Studies Senior Seminar, in which they complete an
interdisciplinary research project under the direction of History and IS

Click here for the guidelines for the Senior Seminar research for the
History-IS bridge major.

Qualified students wishing to pursue honors can do so by fulfilling the
requirements of the interdisciplinary major and of the Honors Tutorial in
either department.