Bringing the World to Memphis

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The International Studies Department hosts an annual lecture series titled “Challenges in World Politics” at the Trezevant Manor retirement community. Faculty join residents for dinner and then give a free, public lecture on themes related to world politics. IS majors have also participated by sharing their study-abroad experiences.

Fall 2020 Series

Professor Ceccoli, “U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges Heading into the November Election”

Professor Zahariadis, “The Covid-19 Crisis in Europe: Time for a New US-Europe Relationship?”

Professor Chen, “China-Taiwan-US Relations during Covid-19”

Professor Nasong’o, “Disaster Capitalism? The High-Tech Industry and the Congo Conflict” 

Poster advertising past fall lecture series

Fall 2019 Series

Professor Ceccoli, “The Hong Kong Protests”

Professor Nasong’o, “The Sea and Global Security” 

Professor Sutton, “Nuclear Weapons and Crisis Management”

Professor Zahariadis, “A Brexit Update”

Spring 2019 Series

Professor Zahariadis, "Rise of Populism in Contemporary Europe."

Professor Chen, "The Sino-US Trade War."

Professor Ceccoli,  "The Future of the 1987 INF Treaty."

Professor Risley, "Contemporary Crises at the US-Mexico Border."

Fall 2018 Series

Professor Steve Ceccoli,  "U.S.-China Trade Politics."

Professor Esen Kirdis, "U.S.-Turkey Relations."

Alex Schramkowski ('20), "Preserving Heritage in South Africa."

 Fall 2017 Series:

 Professor Kai Chen, “The Chinese Dream.”

 Professor Barron Boyd, “South Africa in Transition.”

 Professor Steve Ceccoli, “Hong Kong: 20 Years after the British Handover.”

 Professor Nikos Zahariadis, “How Relevant is the United Nations Today?”

Fall 2016 Series:

 Professor Nikos Zahariadis, “Brexit: Is this the end of the European Union?"

 Professor Kai Chen, “Taiwan between the US and China?”

 Professor Amy Risley, “The Triumph of the Revolution: Cuban Nationalism and Nostalgia.”

 IS majors Lucy Right (’17) and Roz KennyBirch (‘17), “Student Reflections on Studying Abroad.”